Step 1: Come to the Regional and State Championships

Students and Schools from around the country are invited to register for any of our Regional Competitions throughout the school year – our regional and state level competitions typically involve 3 components:

  • The National History Bowl
  • The National History Bee
  • The┬áNational Qualifying Exams.

The National History Bowl:

The National History Bowl is a team-based event, consisting of 5 guaranteed matches. Teams play each other in the 4-Quarter History Bowl style, and the top teams compete in the playoffs for the championship. Teams register with their schools, and compete together, though solo teams happen regularly!

The National History Bee:

The National History Bee is an individual event, consisting of 3 guaranteed matches. Up to 10 players may sit in a room at any time, and will compete to see who can answer 8 tossup questions correctly the fastest! Players earn bonus points by reaching 8 correct answers faster than anyone else. The top players in the History Bee will qualify for the championship, and the top half will qualify for Nationals!

The National Championship Exams:

During the lunch hour, players may elect to take one or several of our National Championship Exams. These multiple choice exams are 50 questions and 20 minutes long, and high performance on them will qualify you for the National Championships, which are buzzer based. The Championship Exams for this year include:

  • The National Science Bee
  • The National Political Science Bee
  • The International Geography Bee
  • The National Humanities Bee

Step 2: Nationals

The 2023 High School National Championship will take place in early summer; this season will take place in Arlington, VA from April 27-30, 2023. Teams that qualify through regional History Bowl tournaments, and Individual Students who qualify through the History Bee and National Qualifying Exams will be invited!

The competition will be filled with excitement and opportunity, – please check out the Nationals page to learn more!

Step 3: Internationals

The International History Olympiad will take place every summer and International Geography Championships will be held every 2 summers. IHO 2023 will take place in Rome, Italy, and IGC 2024 will be in Quito, Ecuador.

New this season at the International Level is our International Environmental and Climate Science Olympiad, taking place in Quito, Ecuador in 2023.

More information will be made available as these events get closer.