Pricing for the 2022-2023 Season

Prices for the 2022-2023 Academic Year are outlined below. Prices for Nationals and International Competitions will be posted soon.

Elementary and Middle School Pricing

CompetitionRegistration Fee
History Bee$45
Geography Bee$45
Science Bee$45

High School Pricing

CompetitionRegistration Fee - OnlineRegistration Fee - Onsite  
History Bowl - 3+ person team$95-
History Bowl - 2 person team$75-
History Bowl - Solo team$55-
National History Bee$20$30
National Qualifying Exam$10$15
Note: there is a 10% surcharge to pay cash onsite except where prices are otherwise fixed. We highly encourage teams and participants to register online and pay by card.

Payment Policies

Late Registration / Payment

For all tournaments there is a 15% surcharge for registering after the deadline. After the deadline has past, we fix the field cap and lock registrations – thus we are unable to guarantee a spot in the competition. If you wish to register late, please follow the instructions on the Tournament’s home page and email the Tournament Coordinator to see if more positions are available – if they are, they will follow up with instructions for the invoice.

Paying by Cash or Check on-site (High School Only)

Beginning in 2022 we are phasing out the option to pay on-site at High School tournaments and prefer schools and teams pay by card online in advance wherever possible. Paying by cash or check on-site will result in a 10% surcharge. To facilitate easier cash transactions, when this surcharge applies, you may round down to the nearest dollar in all cases.

For the National Qualifying Exams, and the National History Bee, where we have always permitted on-site registration, this will continue, but it will be a significant discount to register early and pay online by card. We highly encourage this as it enables us to come prepared for each and every event with all the exams, buzzers, and readers we need!