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Schedule of Events (subject to change)
Arrival Deadlines: History Bee – 8:00am; Geography Bee – 11:00am; Science Bee – 2:00pm

8:00 AM Doors Open, Check-in Begins
8:30 AM History Bee Opening Meeting
9:00 AM History Bee – Round 1
9:30 AM History Bee – Round 2
10:00 AM History Bee – Round 3
10:45 AM Geography Bee Check-In (students competing in History do not need to check in again)
10:45 AM History Bee Finalists, Nationals Qualifiers and IHO Qualifiers Announced
11:00 AM History Bee Finals/Geography Bee Opening Meeting
11:25 AM History Bee Awards
11:35 AM Geography Bee – Round 1
12:05 PM Geography Bee – Round 2
12:35 PM Geography Bee – Round 3
1:10 PM Geography Bee Finalists, Nationals Qualifiers and IGC Qualifiers Announced
1:20 PM Geography Finals
1:45 PM Geography Awards/Lunch
2:00 PM Science Bee Check In (Students competing earlier in the day do not need to check in again)
2:30 PM Science Bee Opening Meeting
2:45 PM Science Bee Round 1
3:15 PM Science Bee Round 2
3:45 PM Science Bee Round 3
4:25 PM Science Bee Finalists, Nationals Qualifiers, and IESO Qualifiers Announced
4:40 PM Science Bee Finals
5:05 PM Science Bee Awards
5:15 PM End

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