Who are we?
International Academic Competitions is a buzzer-based competition program founded by 19-day Jeopardy champion David Madden in 2010, as a place for students to compete in single subject disciplines such as history, geography and science. Madden’s vision was to give students an opportunity to compete on a global level against kids from around the world; over the years our programs have expanded from being a tri-state tournament to international competition, the International History Olympiad, and the International Geography Championships.

What do we do?

International Academic Competitions offer regional, national, and international competitions for students K-12 with our National History Bee and Bowl, National Geography Bee, National Science Bee, US History Bee, and the US Geography Championships.

Specifically for High School, we also offer the National Political Science Bee at the High School National Championships level.

For Elementary and Middle School, we also offer the US Academic Bee and US History Bee at the Elementary and Middle School Championships.

What is our mission?

At International Academic Competitions, we believe that history is vital to the world around us: our history is not only in the past but shapes our present and future in all aspects of our lives. It’s not just memorizing dates and battles; it’s about the people, the innovation, the spark that makes our world grow and change over time. We strive to make our competitions link past to present with a whole world approach; we cover history from all parts of the world, with a view at how science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics shaped, and continue to shape, the world we live in.

To learn more about our Programs, click here: https://usa.iacompetitions.com/our-competitions/