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IAC in the Media Monday Special!

Imandeep Matharu, a player out of California, wrote an amazing article for @greetsevenoaks magazine about his experiences at the International History Olympiad this summer in Rome. His writing shines and he did a wonderful job. Well done, Imandeep, and we can't wait to see you playing again this season!

To read the article, visit and you can read it there.

#iacinthemedia #studentwriter #iho #historybee #quizbowl
Starbucks mug Sunday and today we are going to Texas!
The deadline for the fall EMS tournament in Austin is fast approaching! Check out our registration page at to find tournaments in person and online near you!
For this week’s giveaway, throw a like and a comment below of something that you think is unique for Texas.
For me, it’s about the Texas Rangers. The law enforcement department, not the baseball team (I’m still mad they beat my beloved @mariners last night)

Giveaway open to US/Canada/UK people, closing October 4 at 5pm.

#giveaway #iacompetitions #historybee #quizbowl #tournaments
Lee Holden is the Senior Director of Question Production. He joined IAC in 2021 as an editor and was promoted a year later to head the Question Production department. Lee holds a History and Philosophy degree from Wofford College (’18) and formerly worked as the Inventory Manager for Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg, SC and as a manager at a premier restaurant in Miami, FL. In his spare time, Lee enjoys writing fiction and watching reality TV with his partner Leslie in their Vermont home."

Lee was recently offered a scholarship to attend the Bennington Writing Seminars, where he will pursue an MFA degree in fiction."

Leslie Sainz's book of poetry, Have You Been Long Enough at Table (Tin House, 2023), just hit shelves on September, 26th. During the Fall she'll be reading in cities such as Pittsburgh, Miami, Boston, New York City, Portland, Ann Arbor, and others.

#staffspotlightsaturday #tinhousepublishing #writing #iacompetitions
So in my life, every day is Coffee Day, but apparently in the US it's National Coffee Day (9/29)!

Most of our staffers are fans of coffee or other caffeinated drinks, so if you are hosting a tournament at your school as a fundraiser, why not have coffee and treats for sale to raise more money for your team?

And if you think your school might be interested in hosting a regional tournament as a fundraiser, please reach out to the info desk via with what division you are interested in hosting, and we will get you in contact with the regional coordinator for your area.

#nationalcoffeeday #quizbowl #historybee #iacompetitions
Breaking IAC News!

It's Official! Our Co-Executive Director Nolwenn Madden, originally from France, has taken all the steps necessary and is officially an American Citizen today!

Congratulations, Nolwenn! We are all so proud of you and the hard work you put in to get to this point. 
#uscitizen #welldone
Did you know....

Between 1848 and 1855, the California Gold Rush saw the migration of prospectors, or “forty-niners”, after gold nuggets were found in the Sacramento Valley.

Bonus fact: The NFL team for the city of San Francisco gets their name and mascot from these prospectors! (which hurts your social media person to say as the fan of another team!)

For more of these trivia facts, look at our red set study guide for the EMS tournaments, on

#triviatuesday #goldrush #iacompetitions #historybee #quizbowl
Calling all artists!

We need your help designing a new logo for our International Environmental Science Olympiad! We want it to incorporate the Puerto Rican Parrot, the only one that lives in Puerto Rico, and it's an endangered species! 

If you want to try your hand at designing the new image to go with our logo, submit your high resolution file as well as one with a transparent background (png file) to by October 8th at 3pm. 
If we choose your logo, you will get a $100 discount on your IESO registration, as well as a Starbucks Gift card and IAC Tervis Tumbler!

@washuqb @kyquizbowl @bhs.quizbowl @ihs.brainteam @livi_qb @7lakesquizbowl @batesvillequizbowl @lsgh.history @shsscholasticbowl @bahamagray @awalkerp15 @waubonsiequizbowl
Fundraiser Friday is all about the fun this week!

Battle of the Bands!

Music is a hobby for many middle and high school students, as well as local garage bands. Why not organize a battle of the bands at your school, charging a small entry fee for the bands and then sell tickets and concessions to raise funds!

It makes for a great night out for all involved, and it is a great way to help kids of all kinds shine! 

#fundraiserfriday #historybee #historybowl #quizbowl #music
So while I wait for more people to send in teachers they are nominating for Teacher Spotlight Thursday, I've asked our staffers to pick teachers from their educational journey who made a lasting impression on them for the better. Since I can't ask them to do something without being willing to do it myself, here's mine!

Carol Medcalf was my journalism teacher in at Las Vegas Academy of ISPVA (now Las Vegas Academy of the Arts) in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has since retired in the past couple years, but she still works as a substitute and she's one of the strongest ladies I know. She taught me how to research everything, to write from my heart, and how to take care of those who need it. 

The fundraising page we have is inspired by what she taught me on how to find the means to get what you want the most. When my family couldn't afford for me to attend journalism conferences in high school, she taught me how to find programs and fundraising to be able to go to places I had only dreamed of going so I could learn and sharpen my skills in design and writing. She could have just done all the leg work and writing the letters, making the calls, but she believed in the philosophy that learning lasts a lifetime. 

I owe a lot of who I am as a person to Ms. Medcalf, and her talent as a teacher shines on in all her former students. Thanks, Meddy, for being you!

If you have a teacher or coach who you think should be highlighted, no matter where you are in the world, message me at with a photo and why they should be highlighted. 

#teacherspotlightthursday #lvacademy #iacompetitions #historybee #historybowl
Trivia Tuesday pulls from this season's Red Set Study Guide for the EMS tournaments!

The Jurassic Period is the second period in the Mesozoic Era. During the Jurassic, megafauna such as the dinosaurs were the dominant life form on Earth.

I don't know about you, but one of my favourite shows to watch with my kids was Dinosaur Train! It's a great public television show that was well written and researched, and did some great science based storylines that entertained both kids and adults alike. It was a great way to study all those dinosaurs and differentiating between the different time periods in the Mesozoic.

#triviatuesday #sciencebee #historybee #quizbowl
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